Eco Baroque in Mongolia
Marne Lucas in Ulaanbaatar
Marne in a deel
Marne waiting for the sizing to set up- just about to apply metal leaf.
Applying copper leaf.
ML brushing freshly made glair onto granite.

Due to the delicacy of the gilding process, we worked on some stones inside of a modified bottomless tent over the area we were working on, in nomadic fashion.
Working inside the tent on a windy morning. The bottom was cut out to create a mobile studio protected from wind.
The Crotch Le '55 is a portable studio designed for optimum gilding conditions.
Marne with Mongolian superstar Chimeddorj Shagdarjav.
Someone borrowed this earth mover from a mining site long enough to dig up a street in front of our hotel in UB.
Marne in a traditional Mongolian deel, wearing an Eco Baroque inspired necklace created by Demimonde Jewelry.
Bruce being interviewed by NTV for a documentary on Land Art Mongolia.