Mongolia Mining

photo by Maik Teriete
Balance Rock: Miner Threat
Balance Rock: Miner Threat - detail
Balance Rock: Miner Threat- detail

Balance Rock: Miner Threat - detail
Marne Lucas and Bruce Conkle at Balance Rock: Miner Threat
The Gobi is a very surreal landscape. The main mines in the gobi are pulling out gold, copper, and silver. Mongolia is being mined and developed at an alarming pace- and has the fastest growing economy in the world, bringing about corruption, environmental destruction, and economic injustices by the truckload.
Mongolia has enough coal to keep China powered for the next 50 years, as well as huge quantities of copper, gold, silver, uranium and other minerals. It is an unstable balancing act between the inherent wealth of the land where people live and have grazing areas and clean water, and the wealth of what can be extracted, bringing hard currency but rendering the land uninhabitable.
We proposed to apply gold, silver, brass, aluminum, and copper
metal leaf on rock surfaces, applied with non-toxic adhesives to add brilliant detail to the landscape.
Coincidentally we saw this detail of a mining industry billboard in Ulaanbaatar depicting gold silver and copper.
The gilded stones showed their colors best under cloudy skies.

Applying the delicate metal leaf in the outdoors posed many challenges- wind was a recurring one.