Warlord Sun King catalog
Warlord Sun King catalogue
essay by Ryan Pierce

isbn 0-914435-53-1

Lucas and Conkle’s new Eco-Baroque art form reminds us of the inherent complexity and fragility of the natural world with the gentleness and non-judgmental attitude we have come to expect from them. Other, more polemical, modes of expression offer finger-pointing or proselytizing, but these two rely on visual pranks and the unexpected relationships of everyday materials. The success of the work is in its ability to fly under the radar. You might dismiss it as mere mischief (and it’s that, too), but every punch line shelters additional puns and propositions for the imagination, and these will emerge after you have seen the show and walked on. The generosity of the work lies in its invitation for the audience to share the joke. Ultimately, Bruce Conkle and Marne Lucas are getting away with something all too rare in contemporary art: They’re having fun. Ryan Pierce

Printed copies available at The Art Gym for $10

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